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Investment Strategy

  • At Boundary we invest in real impact, those new products, processes or new and better ways of doing things which will enrich people’s lives. We see economic advantage and impact as being intrinsically linked
  • We focus on business-to-business technologies that have a positive impact
  • Our specialist investment themes align with our entrepreneurial, professional and technical backgrounds:- Life Science technologies that focus on increasing and sustaining life for all​.
    - Engineering innovations that create a more sustainable environment.​
    - Software and data science innovations that democratize skills and knowledge.

Our investment criteria

  • We selected 3 of the UN Social Development Goals as the core of our Net Zero Acceleration thesis: Consumption (using fewer resources), Emissions (reducing) and Sustainability (Renewable energy, recyclable products and the removal of carbon and other greenhouses gases from the environment)
  • Disruptive investments that already have economic proof points
  • Investments vary from late seed stage to series B funding
  • The target fund return is 3x over a 5 to 7 year time frame
  • Investments with IP or know-how that enables a sustainable advantage
  • A target return on average of 10x as dilutions and non-performers
  • Credible management with both commercial and technical skills
  • We prefer “pick and shovels” businesses, which enable markets

Our Investment Process

  • We only invest in businesses that will provide a quantifiable acceleration towards Net Zero targets
  • Each investor receives a portfolio of the 5 to 9 investments which we make with that year’s funds
  • We target exits within a 5 year period and they are likely to take the form of trade sales, flotations, secondary finance, MBOs or auctions of non-core intellectual property