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First ever HMRC Approved Impact Fund launched

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Boundary Capital announces the launch of the first ever HMRC Approved Impact Fund. The Fund invests in businesses that address sectors derived from the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and has a clear, transparent methodology including that each investee business will benefit at least one hundred million people.

Boundary Capital is a passionate advocate of accelerating commercial solutions that address critical global issues such as resources, emissions, sustainability, health, wellbeing and enfranchisement. Managing Partner Dan Somers says: “Alongside aiming for an overall 3x return for investors, our investment criteria require our investee companies to develop technology to address impactful issues. This is all within a tax-efficient product”.

Boundary was founded in 2013 by a team combining a longstanding history of founding and successfully exiting multiple business, deep technical and academic excellence, and senior venture capital fund management experience. In 2019 they moved to an “Impact only” investment model. Now, all potential investments must qualify for the firm’s “Equivalent Lives Impacted” methodology, which allows the team to screen, compare, and monitor investments in an objective, transparent and consistent framework.

Furthermore, the new Approved status allows eligible prospective investors to take advantage of the UK Government’s 2020 changes to EIS rules – in particular, the certainty of the date of tax relief being the fund close date. Somers adds: “Tax-planning investors prefer to know which year they will create a tax credit and the HMRC Approved Scheme delivers that.”

The first fund close date will be 31st March 2022 at the latest, giving eligible investors the opportunity to claim tax credit either this tax year or last tax year.

Boundary invests in early-stage companies in the core sectors of life sciences, engineering, and software/data sciences. Inotec AMD Ltd is an example of one of their portfolio companies. Inotec make an innovative treatment for healing chronic wounds. Originally a Cambridge University spinout, the technology Natrox generates oxygen from a small portable device directly to the wound bed. In a recently published study, the technology produced 71% better healing rates in the control group. Millions of people suffer from wounds that are slow to heal and place a massive burden on healthcare systems.

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