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Boundary Capital Invests in AIM Listed Image Scan Holdings

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[push h=”20″]Boundary Capital has announced its investment in AIM listed Image Scan Holdings plc, a technology company specialising in portable X-Ray devices.

The group’s core technology is based on stereoscopic and multiple view x-ray images. From here the company has developed a range of advanced real-time x-ray screening systems with applications in both the security and industrial inspection markets.

Image Scan supplies a range of portable and rapid deployment solutions to the security sector worldwide including Government, military and private security organisations. Their solutions help to deal with increasingly sophisticated and dispersed threats where rapid reaction is vital.

The company has also used its leading imaging technologies to diversify into the industrial inspection market including on-line, batch and laboratory inspection systems. This range has been installed in industrial plants globally.

The company listed on AIM in 2002 but the current interest for Boundary is the recent incoming CEO Bill Mawer, and a robust growth strategy focused around product development and extending distribution.

Boundary’s model of investing is alongside a ‘Venturer’, i.e. an experienced executive who co-invests alongside Boundary.

Boundary Capital’s Managing Partner Dan Somers said: “It is a given in all our investments that we believe in the potential market and investee company. Furthermore it is critical in all our investments that we invest alongside a Management Team that are experienced, ambitious and committed.”

Bill Mawer, the Chairman and CEO of Image Scan said: “We are delighted with Boundary Capital’s investment in Image Scan which will enable us to grow at the rate we desire. We all believe in the potential of this company and are excited and committed to fulfilling its’ vision.”