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Boundary Capital Newsletter: Autumn 2018

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We’re delighted to bring you the latest news and updates from the Boundary Capital portfolio of high-tech movers and shakers.

GROWTH INVEST: Adviser Hour – Series 1

Dan Somers, Managing Partner at Boundary Capital talks to Lawrence Gosling, Editor-in-Chief at on the GrowthInvest Adviser Hour.

Growth Invest Advisor Hour Panel Discussion, host Lawrence Gosling featured alongside Dan Somers (Boundary Capital), Gordon Pugh (Blackfinch Investments), Paul Munn (Par Equity) and Martin Fox (EISA). Topics discussed are growth, risk, EIS legislation changes, and tips for advisors


VIDEO 1 – Interview with Dan Somers

VIDEO 2 – Panel Discussion Part 1

VIDEO 3 – Panel Discussion Part 2


Dymag & Supercar Driver Club

Dymag recently teamed up with the Supercar Driver Club to offer their members a free track day at Castle Combe. A glorious day saw over 50 members test their racing skills around the famous circuit including Rob Ward and his F-type. Rob tried out some Dymag BOXSTROM wheels on track and was flabbergasted at the difference.


Success with Tide at EMBL

(Ranking and Scoring CRISPR Guide RNAs

for Genomic Screens)

Predicting genome-editing behaviour of CRISPR remains a primary goal of genome research. There are many factors which make results unpredictable. “Guide scoring algorithms” are designed to address this need by using real

biological data to train a statistical model. Read here how DestopGen Dunne 2017 algorithm surpass current market leaders​.

Scoring CRISPR Guide RNAs