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Boundary Capital launch Impact Life Fund

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Boundary Capital has launched the Impact Life Fund – a fund that invests in high-growth, high-impact private technology companies that focus on enriching people’s lives.

The Fund will benefit from a diversified, unique portfolio, EIS tax reliefs, and an
experienced management team with a proven track record.

Consumers, businesses and investors are taking matters into their own hands and making choices about what they buy, sell and invest in. There is no longer a trade-off, nor is this any longer a niche. Economic advantage and Impact are now intrinsically linked.

There are many different frameworks and views about how impact investing should be carried out, and indeed for many investors this is personal and subjective.

From Boundary Capital’s point of view, real impact involves long-term structural change i.e. new processes, new products, new ways of doing things and potentially new markets. For this reason, it focuses only on business-to-business (“B2B”) technologies that have a positive impact on the way we live our lives. These include:

  • Life science technologies that are focused around long-term health and particularly around increasing and sustaining quality of life for all
  • Engineering innovations that assist humans to build and curate a more sustainable environment, lowering pollution and carbon footprints
  • Software and data science innovations that empower and democratise skills and knowledge for the benefit of all

Read more about the Impact Life Fund here.