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Boundary Capital invests in Disruptive Sports IoT Technology

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spt-logoBoundary Capital has announced its latest investment in Precision Sports Technology, a business which has the potential to disrupt the professional and amateur sports markets.

Precision Sports Technology has developed innovative hardware and software which can be used in live competition by athletes to predict injury and fatigue. It does this by taking life signs readings and deploying proprietary algorithms to generate predictions and recommendations. The algorithms have originated from a long period of academic research and can be applied to both amateur and professional athletes where the prevention of injury is paramount.

GPS tracking devices for have been adopted by athletes for many years to show position and distance covered and some other statistics and KPIs. However, what they are not able to do is holistically monitor the condition of athletes and predict when fatigue or injuries might occur. A level of monitoring can be done in the laboratory with the use of sensors but not on the track or sports field.

Interest has already been expressed from professional football and rugby teams and the potential is global. Precision Sports Technology is scheduled to launch their first products in early 2017.

The founder and CEO is Alexander Oviawe who was a professional kickboxer before becoming a sports science lecturer and professional coach. He is joined by CTO Glenn Harris, who was developer in complex software systems at Goldman Sachs.

Boundary Capital’s model is to appoint experienced, investing directors as Venturers, typically acting as executive directors or Chairman and assisting with commercialisation as well as helping to de-risk the proposition for investors and entrepreneurs alike. The Venturer appointed is Mark Warrilow, an experienced executive and entrepreneur with previous experience in international product development globally, particularly in Spanish speaking markets.

Warrilow says: “I’ve been involved with commercialising sports ventures and technology before, and saw this as a great opportunity to help the team to get a potentially revolutionary product to the right markets.”

Oviawe says: “The product was born from a need to predict and prevent sports injuries and improve wellbeing and conditioning. From all of our experience in sports and sports science we saw a huge potential to be the next generation of sports monitoring devices and to make a huge positive impact on athletes as well as amateurs keeping fit. We are excited to work with Boundary to help us realise the potential.”

Dr Richard Leaver, the Partner of Boundary Capital managing this investment says: “The sports technology IoT market has been growing quickly for a long time, and to work with such an innovation is very exciting. We’re delighted to invest in a technology which has so much disruptive potential and are delighted to introduce our experienced Venturer with so much experience in this space, to help to productise and take it to market.”